CO Carbon Monoxide Detector Poisoning Smoke Fire Security Alarm Warning Sensor


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Features :
High sensitive CO sensor, MCU processing adopted.
Modern & Elegant design with LCD digital display.
loud 85 decibel alarm.
Permanent carbon monoxide sensor.
Long service life sensor, low power consumption.
The alarm will emit four short alarm beeps when Carbon Monoxide is detected and will emit continuous beeps when smoke is detected.
The alarm will also emit continuous beeps when both smoke and carbon monoxide are detected at the same time.
Green and red LED lights that indicate normal operation and alarm status.
Specification :
Color: White
Power Supply: One 9V alkaline 6LR61 or carbon zinc battery 6F22 (not included)
Sensitivity Setting:
CO: sensitivity & time
50ppm: alarms with 60-90 minutes
100ppm: alarms with 10-40 minutes
300ppm: alarms with 3 minutes
Smoke: 1%-5%/FT OBS
Standby current: <100uA
Alarm Current: <75mA
Operation Ambient Condition: 5-400C, 20-90% R.H.
Method of use:
After install batteries, emit a sound and the red light flash quickly and LED display 888 Pp pm, mean battery installed correctly, the green flash every 30 seconds to screen out, showed a concentration when the concentration of more than 30 PPM. No show below 30 PPM.
Test button to verify that unit is functioning correctly.
One “beep” every second is an indication that the battery is low or the unit is malfunctioning.
The last alarm value will be recorded and display when pressing the button, the green light will flash once every second. Press the button again to reset the condition.

Select a correct location for your alarm, drill two 5.0mm holes in the ceiling or wall and insert two plastic plugs into the holes, then attach the bracket to the ceiling by using the supplied two screws. Insert and connect a fully charged battery to the alarm. Attach the alarm to the mounting bracket by aligning the locking tab on the bracket to the keyholes on the alarm and by twisting the alarm in anti-clockwise.

Package includeds :
1 x Carbon Monoxide Detector (Battery not included)
2 x Screw
1 x User Manual
This alarm will only indicate the presence of carbon monoxide gas at the sensor. Carbon monoxide gas may be present in another area.
This alarm must be mounted on a wall or a ceiling.

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Additional information

Weight 157 kg
Dimensions 1.00 × 1.00 × 1.00 cm



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